Nineteenth international seminar "Artificial Societies and Information Technologies"

Social simulation and empire dynamics worldwide: From history to present
Friday, September 9, 2022
Peng Lu

On September 09, 2022, a meeting of the international online seminar "Artificial Societies and Information Technologies" was held, dedicated to the report of Peng Lu (Central South University), Hunan, China.

Presentation topic: Social simulation and empire dynamics worldwide: From history to present

Brief annotation:

The life cycle dynamics of empires can be modelled and simulated via computational models and methods, which opens new directions for empire dynamics or history dynamics. In the history, we build a multi-agent system for agricultural empires in human history, such as China, Japan and Vietnam, to explore why a serial of dynasties can be seen in the history. We use three types of agent-base models to explore the empire dynamics independently. It seems that they can all well simulate the history and have precisely matched real history outcomes. For current superpowers, our models can be also used to match current developments and predict futures. We believe that even international relationship between superpowers worldwide can be modeled, calculated and simulated.

The meeting was attended by representatives of Russia (Central Economics and Mathematics Institute RAS, Moscow State University, Scientific Institution "Eastern Center for State Planning", Voronezh State University, Ufa Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Oryol State Technical University), China (Shanghai company "Tianjin"; University of Chinese Academy of Sciences) and Kazakhstan (Eurasian National University, Nur-Sultan).

Video of this seminar on our YouTube channel